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<h2> About Me

Bobby is a professional singer and guitarist based in Sydney, performing beloved hits from the 30's to the 90's. Bobby loves to get guests on their feet and singing along to timeless classics.

His musical career began as a child where Bobby sang hymns with the church choir in Manilla, Philippines. Since then he's been blessed with a flourishing career as a musician for over 35 years. Bobby has built a community of classic music lovers who subscribe to his Youtube channel, attend performances, and have followed Bobby's journey over decades.

Bobby has two primary hiring arrangements:

  • Ongoing hire with hospitality venues such as restaurants, cruise lines, and hotels

  • Weddings, anniversaries, and special celebrations

<h2> Hospitality
<h2> Weddings
<h2> Celebrations
“Exquisite. Bobby casts a spell when he performs"

Steve Whacht, Regular Guest at Restaurant